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Aims and Objectives


Help the Hatters exists to provide practical support to Stockport County Football Club, particularly in respect of creating and maintaining facilities and services that will help sustain the Club into the future, e.g: 


  • maintenance and upgrading of the Manor Farm training facility;

  • Stockport County’s Centre of Excellence; and

  • encouraging / supporting junior supporters.




Those involved with Help the Hatters are motivated by their collective desire to see Stockport County survive and thrive for generations to come.  




Help the Hatters are a group of Stockport County supporters who volunteer their spare time, which is then pooled and used to further the aims of objectives of the group.


A small team of these volunteers help to coordinate the activities of the larger group (leaving the majority to focus on tangible action) by accepting responsibility for specific tasks such as:


  • group spokesperson;

  • promoting the activities of Help the Hatters;

  • meeting with key stake-holders (e.g. Stockport County Football Club. the Centre of Excellence and representatives of Junior Hatters);

  • maintaining financial records;

  • maintaining other records that support Help the Hatters with their aims.




Help the Hatters are primarily concerned with the delivery of practical support, i.e. getting things done.


One of the ways in which this is achieved is by taping into the energy and enthusiasm of the younger generation of supporters of Stockport County.


In order to be self sufficient, Help the Hatters will raise its own funds as required, e.g. in order to buy the necessary materials to complete practical tasks.


Help the Hatters strive to ensure complete transparency, particularly in respect of advising its supporters how money raised will be spent.


By actively promoting its successes, Help the Hatters hopes to encourage the active participation of more supporters of Stockport County, i.e. to expand the group.  In addition, it is anticipated that as their efforts become more widely known, people will become increasingly supportive of fund raising events.


All members of Help the Hatters are actively involved in promoting the Stockport County’s Gold Bond Lottery.  Any commission earned is used to further the aims of Help the Hatters.  Stockport County also benefit directly as the number of supporters taking part in the Lottery increase.